How data quality equals more revenue

Writing in his “Optimize Your Data Quality” blog recently, Jan-Erik Ingvaldsen of data quality solution developer Omikron referenced an article on about a piece of research that’s a must have for anyone building their data quality business case.

In their recent research study “The Impact of Bad Data on Demand Creation”, sales and marketing advisory firm SiriusDecisions assert that following best practices in data quality led directly to a 66 percent increase in revenue. Whilst I’ve outlined some generic business case drivers in the past (see “Building a data quality business case“), this is the kind of quantitative study that can really grab C-level attention when you’re trying to justify investment in data quality. The research outlines how addressing quality issues early on in the data life-cycle has an almost exponential benefit in cost efficiency and highlights the importance of collaboration in driving quality improvements.

“It is something that your organization simply can’t afford not to do,” says SiriusDecisions’ senior director of research, Jonathan Block. No argument here!

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