Dimensions of data quality

I mentioned recently that I had signed up to the International Association for Information and Data Quality (IAIDQ), who run webinars from time to time as part of the membership package. One such session took place yesterday, in the form of an “Ask-the-Expert” presentation by Danette McGilvray of US based information quality consultants Granite Falls Consulting. Danette outlined 12 Dimensions of Data Quality, including considerations such as integrity, accuracy and coverage. Although all crucial to attaining high quality data, I particularly liked no 12 “Transactability”, defined as “A measure of the degree to which data will produce the desired business transaction or outcome.”

In some regards this is a “softer” dimension than more quantitative ones like validity, but is at the same time what all data quality should really be about. DQ shouldn’t be seen as something that’s just good to do, but something with an ultimate goal, namely allowing us to do business the way we need to.

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