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Divide and conquer

Friday, September 12th, 2008

I’m very pleased to say that we’re about to launch a new marcoms initiative in the form of a regular, multi-language email newsletter executed through our Aprimo marketing automation system. Although we’ve experienced a few bumps along the way with our implementation, we’re getting to grips with it and I’m looking forwards to exploiting the functionality of what is a very powerful system.

Rather than having to execute the email newsletter, which consists of six language/geography variations, as a number of different emails, Aprimo makes it possible to perform an overall selection of our target recipients and then sub-select by location and language. These segments can then be assigned the relevant message and despatched in one go, which is a big improvement on how things have had to be done previously.

We’re also making use of Aprimo’s data capture facilities to give recipients the opportunity to amend the details we hold for them and also to feedback their business issues to help us guide content for future emails. This also has the effect of building the profile we hold of course, which benefits the accuracy of the targeting and customisation we’re able to undertake. Aprimo makes it easy to link to a pre-populated web form where recipients can amend their existing details (without keying them in again) and submit their business issues.

This is a medium-term undertaking, but I’m a keen advocate of regular, ongoing but low-key communications with customers and prospects to build awareness and familiarity. This is not lead generation or high response activity, but hopefully over time recipients will recognise and even look-out for the newsletter and response will ensue. This very much depends on the quality of content of course, and the challenge is to avoid sending out a sales brochure every time!