Marketing automation training the fun way

In the world of corporate training, itÂ’s easy to overlook a tenet which any primary school teacher relies on to do their job: make learning fun and you will be more successful. Well, it may not always be possible to translate this to a training room for the health and safety update, but how about a refresher on the new marketing automation system? That was our brief for the recent EMEA Marketing Team meeting, so we set about devising a slightly off-beat way of achieving it.

The venue was definitely going to help, as we were all convening at the Westin La Quinta Golf Resort & Spa in Marbella, Spain for two days of meetings and team building. As usual, I expect no sympathy for the windowless conference room we had to endure, but it provided additional motivation to get outside and complete our exercise. Grouping into two teams, this consisted of brainstorming a set of 2008 achievements so far, taking a team photo and putting it all together in a mini-email campaign to ourselves using Aprimo, the new marketing system.

The end results were not bad and hopefully everyone came away with a renewed interest in using the system for their forthcoming campaign activity. And it all felt like having fun at the same time!

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