Testing, testing, testing

Implementation of the new Aprimo marketing automation solution (see 6 crucial marketing automation system requirements) has not been proceeding smoothly unfortunately, with a number of functionality and reliability issues recurring as we try to bed the system in. Hopefully these will be resolved soon, but what the experience has highlighted is the importance of testing before going into production with any system. This goes double (if not ten times) when deploying brand new software, as has been the case for part of our implementation.

When the professional services and consultantsÂ’ clocks are ticking, at the rate of tens of thousands of dollars a week, its tempting to cut them loose and go-live without completing testing as rigorously or comprehensively as warranted. This is a false economy though, and as with many things, itÂ’s easy to launch in haste and regret it at leisure. The three most important considerations of any system launch? Testing, testing, testing!

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