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Marketing Insight elevator pitch

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

In New York for New Hire training (two weeks in a windowless room on the 27th floor – no sympathy? OK, fair enough!), our first exercise was to learn an “elevator pitch” for the company’s products and services. The idea being that should you bump into a prospect on the ground floor in the elevator/lift, you have a pithy sales pitch to secure a meeting before they get to their floor. (The effectiveness of this tactic outside of a skyscraper packed North American city is less clear, unless you talk really fast.) Anyway, this got me to thinking about an elevator pitch for marketing insight, so here goes (based on my homepage overview):

Marketing insight is the quest for a clear view of a company’s market and customers and their likely future intentions and direction. Such insight comes from a combination of sources: data, analytics and intelligence (primary and secondary research). These elements work together and feed into the rest of marketing, with the key to success being “operationalisation” within the marketing process. Great insight is of no value if it can’t be exploited by rapid and efficient marketing programme execution or the outcome measured afterwards.

I reckon I could get that in and still have time to swap business cards with my captive would-be-client before alighting at my training room floor.