Data quality – a vision

Here’s my vision for our data quality solution, for your inspiration!

  • Data quality platform
    • Validate and standardise online data capture (inc address look-ups)
    • Monitor marketing data quality and highlight issues for action
    • Process all data loads (de-dupe, merge, append)
  • Data enhancement
    • Individual and organisation enhancements including role, industry, IT usage
    • Campaign execution
    • High degree of data and process “readiness” for selection, segmentation, tracking and reporting
    • “Outcome” feedback wherever possible (esp. email)
  • Lead management
    • Scoring and pass-over threshold
    • Maintenance of a single lead per contact through identification and merging of subsequent responses
  • Privacy
    • Adherence to compliance and best practice

I’ll outline how these translate into a set of requirements for a data quality solution soon.

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