Blogging advice for Charles Dunstone

Here’s a piece of advice for Charles Dunstone, and anyone else who gets into a spot of blogging bother (see “Institute of Direct Marketing MembersÂ’ Convention” previously). Speaking at last week’s IDM seminar “Interactive Marketing”, Matt Dkye, Head of Planning at DDB UK, recommended having a “disaster recover plan” in case of blog-flaming incidents. Sounds a little like the emergency plan that we all have in our back pockets for adverse incidents, right?

Also at the seminar, fellow speaker Nic Howell, New Media Age Deputy and Features Editor, quoted ad guru Howard Gossage as saying “advertising should be one half of an interesting conversation”, leaving the other half to be had by other means. That’s good news for direct marketing, and taking the conversation beyond the “first date”, as Nic put it.

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