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The rise of marketing operations

Thursday, April 19th, 2007

I shall shortly be starting a new role as Marketing Operations Manager EMEA for an enterprise software vendor. The term “marketing operations” has been around for a little while, but is catching on as a title and function within business to business organisations. Marketing automation software vendor Marketo have posted a good definition and overview of marketing operations in a recent blog entry. In summary, covering all aspects of marketing data, process and system management, it’s a moniker that I quite like and that conveys a greater sense than simply “database marketing”.

I’m beginning wonder whether I should have called this blog “Diary of a Marketing Operations Guy”, but in on reflection I think that would loose a nuance of definition which I think is very important. As I’ve written on my homepage, marketing insight encompasses not just the technical and operational, but also the end result – a greater understanding of customers and how to make use of that information to improve marketing effectiveness.

So, I’m looking forward to being operational, but I hope to bring something else to it as well.